Access a GoodIP VPN

Once a Dongle VPN or a Computer VPN has been properly setup, you can establish a connection via the GoodIP App:

1. Import a VPN key

You can import the key of a Dongle VPN or a Computer VPN:

Import GoodIP screenshot

The import feature can process a QR code image which should look like:

GoodIP Key Image

It can also process a text file. Last, you can use the camera of your PC or phone to scan a dongle key QR code.

Consider that a Dongle VPN or a Computer VPN is a public lock. After import, the GoodIP App has the unique key to open and access it.

Architecture GoodIP

2. Manage the connection

Once imported, you can manage the connection:

Access GoodIP screenshot Advanced Properties GoodIP screenshot

If you delete a connection configuration in the GoodIP App, unless you have exported the key before, you won't be able to establish a connection to it.

3. Connect

If the Dongle or Computer is available, you can connect to it and browse the Internet with its IP address.

Connecting GoodIP screenshot Connected GoodIP screenshot Disconnecting GoodIP screenshot