Free Version

You can install your own free version of GoodIP. You need some hardware (old PC, Raspberry PI, unlocked router...) in replacement of the GoodIP dongle.

Architecture GoodIP

GoodIP is NOT a ssh server. GoodIP Network has its own system, own its own network protocol and communication. This is why it's totally undetectable.

In replacement of the dongle, you need your own hardware turned on 24/7. The GoodIP Dongle is sold at a very reasonable price and it brings you the ease of use and setup.

1. Download server side

Download the server binaries at for the OS of your own hardware (link opens in a new window).

2. Generate the keys

Please register your email to generate the public/private keys:

We won't spam you! 100% promised. We hate spam too. We ask for your email in order to notify you if security or maintenance problems require your attention. Please provide a valid email address. We will NOT share it with any third-party.

The keys are generated locally in your browser. They are not uploaded to the GoodIP server.

3. Run goodip.server

On your own hardware, run goodip.server along the file goodip.json downloaded in the keys generation above. This file contains the public key. You should get a console output such as:

/home/user$ ./goodip.server
[02-14 18:22:41] Version 2023-02-02
[02-14 18:22:41] isDongle: No
[02-14 18:22:41] Authentication: enable
[02-14 18:22:41] Encryption: enable
[02-14 18:22:41] UniqueID (via json): 34........ea
[02-14 18:22:41] Contacting

Press the key 'x' to exit properly goodip.server.

Run goodip.server -h to see the options that you can pass to goodip.server.

4. Download the app

Download the GoodIP App at (link opens in a new window).

5. Import the private key

In the App, import the private key downloaded in the keys generation above. You can use the image or text option for import. You are done! You can start using GoodIP Network with your own hardware.

Import GoodIP Key screenshot

6. Access the server

Once goodip.server is running, it's accessible in the GoodIP App:

Access GoodIP screenshot Advanced Properties GoodIP screenshot

7. Connect to the server

If the dongle is available, you can connect and browse the Internet with its IP address.

Connecting GoodIP screenshot Connected GoodIP screenshot Disconnecting GoodIP screenshot