If you experience any problem with your GoodIP Dongle, read the following:

What to do if the Internet connectivity is not working even if the app is not running?

If for any reason the GoodIP App crashes, it's possible that you are left without Internet connection. First, restart the GoodIP App. It will be detect the problem and offers you to recover your system.

On Windows, MacOS and Linux, the GoodIP App only modifies the proxy settings of your PC/laptop. On Android and iOS, the GoodIP App creates a VPN connection.

If the problem persists, hyou can manually restore your Internet connectivity:

Windows Proxy Windows Proxy

Linux Proxy Linux Proxy

MacOS Proxy MacOS Proxy MacOS Proxy

Android VPN Settings

What to do if the connection to the dongle fails?

In rare situation (around 2~3% of situations), it's possible that the connection to the dongle fails because both your PC/phone and the dongle are behind very restrictive firewalls. If you enable "UPnP" or redirect a TCP port on your Wi-Fi router/box, it's guaranteed that the connection can be established from any PC/phone whatever network restrictions.

To enable UPnP, connect to the web interface of the Wi-Fi network to which the dongle is connected and enable UPnP.

Router UPnP (image opens in a new window)

To add a port redirection, Go to firewall/NAT settings of your router and redirect the TCP port 4390 to the IP address of the dongle.

Router Port (image opens in a new window)

The port redirection needs to be 4390 as it's the "GoodIP default port".

Uninstall the app

Dongle leds explanations

The dongle has two leds (one bottom led with red/green colors and one top led with blue/red colors) which provides indication the status of the dongle:

GoodIP Dongle

You can press the reset button with a sharp tool for 5 seconds in order to erase the Wi-Fi configuration and key of the dongle.

Private key storage

The private key used by the GoodIP App is stored locally on your PC/laptop/phone.

If you want to manually remove the private key on Windows, run in a command window: "cmdkey /list:dongles/goodip" and "cmdkey /delete:dongles/goodip".

MacOS Keychain

If you want to manually remove the private key on MacOS, run in a terminal: "security find-generic-password -s dongles" and "security delete-generic-password -s dongles".

Linux Seahorse Linux Seahorse

If you want to manually remove the private key on Linux, run in a terminal: "secret-tool lookup account goodip service dongles" and "secret-tool clear account goodip service dongles".

Be careful! On Android, unlike the other platforms, when you uninstall the GoodIP App, you permanently remove all the keys.

How can I change the language of my Internet pages?

If you are in USA and if you are connected to a Dongle located in a non-English country, the Internet pages might still be in English despite using the IP address of the dongle. This is because your browser is configured in English. You can use a free chrome extension such as Locale Switcher (link opens in a new window) to change the language of your browsing experience.

Locale Switcher